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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  September 5, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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now at 11:00, taking to the streets, protesters upset with president trump's daca decision mark to san francisco city hall while if commander in chief tweet he may reconsider his position. >> today the white house announced it will end the daca program that protects young undocumented immigrants from deportation. >> but president trump's tweet is causing confusion about his stance. president trump tweeted congress now has six months to legalize daca, something that the obama administration was unable to do. >> people think in terms of children but they are young adults. i have a great heart for the folks we are talk about.
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a great love for them. >> thousands turned out to protest the president's decision in san francisco tonight. >> lisa amin gulezian has the story. lisa? >> reporter: the protest unexpectedly ended here at city hall behind me. thousands marched from the federal building to bring awareness and the latest on daca. their voices are strong and their positions are united as they march. they want daca back. >> i'm 19 and i've been here since i was 2 years old. >> reporter: similar stories exist in this crowd. so many came to the u.s. as children and never left. >> this is my home and all i've ever known and someone is trying to take me out of my home. i grew up here. >> where am i going to go? what am i going to do? >> reporter: it's the same question most daca recipients
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are asking themselves. this senior will have to leave the country in august. >> it makes me want to fight. >> reporter: local republicans hope to find a solution to keep the d.r.e.a.m.ers here. >> i think they could come up with something that would allow these 800,000 young people residency. >> reporter: the president wants lawmakers to devise a solution by march. but help may come at a price. >> they are going to say we want a wall or we want to cut legal immigration down and criminalize more people. >> reporter: daca recipients plan to stay in the u.s. illegally once their permits expire. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> save daca now! >> abc 7 news was in berkeley where at least 100 people
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protested the daca decision. an american progress study found 45% of d.r.e.a.m.ers are in school. schools are hearing from concerned students. >> being brought here at small children and growing up in this country and feeling like this is their country with a desire to make their parents proud of them and a desire to become active members of the society that has been good to them. >> the uc system has an estimated 4,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers and cal state has 8,000. abc 7 news was at san jose state today. santa clara county leaders have hired legal leaders to help fight the decision. and the mayor says that his city is looking at potential lawsuits. thousands turned out coast to coast today. if congress doesn't act many of the d.r.e.a.m.ers will lose
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their protection in march of next year. people whose status end before then, they will be allowed to stay until 2020. >> former president obama calls the decision self-defeating and cruel. whatever complaints americans have about immigration in general we should not threaten this group of young people who pose no threat and are not taking away anything from the ref us. now we told you last night you could be the first to learn about the decision on daca by downloading the abc 7 news app. this is the push alert we sent out this morning. enable push alerts to get updates on breaking news any time you wish. now to the latest on hurricane irma. itsival is imminent. >> forecasters say the category 5 hurricane is one of the most powerful atlantic storms ever recorded. bahama's southern islands and
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the florida keys are under evacuation orders tonight. it is expected to hit the caribbean tonight or tomorrow and head to puerto rico where people are getting ready. >> it's a really big storm. they're really taking it ears this time. >> saw what happened in houston. 4 feet of rain and they're saying this storm is going to b emergencies in florida, puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> let's get an update on the storm. >> sandhya patel is tracking the storm. >> let's take a look at hurricane irma. it is a powerful category 5 storm holding on to the strength there. and look at this monster eye of the hurricane. it is lashing out at antigua. it is moving west/northwest at 15. expected to remain a category 5 as it crosses the caribbean, hitting the turks and caicos by
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thursday evening and grazes cuba before turning northeast this upcoming weekend and eyeing southern florida as a category 4 storm. definitely a powerful storm. when you look at the eye of this hurricane is it a large eye. it is a very well defined storm. behind it we have tropical storm jse and tracking in the gulf of mexico, a tropical depression also expected to become a hurricane. biggest threat with irma is the storm surge, strong winds, big waves and flooding rain. >> thank you so much. and tonight's bay area resources are headed to florida. here at home, the storm is a reminder of the importance of having a disaster plan in place. katie marzullo has the story from san jose. >> just to be able to contribute i feel good about that and help somebody. >> reporter: don is one of 12 bay area red cross volunteers on the way to florida to provide shelter, water and medical
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services in the wake of hurricane irma. >> i've been on stand by for two weeks. >> reporter: santa rosa firefighters were on their way back from hurricane harvey victims in houston but have been redeployed to florida. oakland firefighters could be headed back out as well. >> it's a wake up call in the country. we need to be ready. >> reporter: the san jose mayor said whether it's a hurricane, flooding, or an earthquake, a city has to be prepared for a disaster. >> no matter how fast the federal cavalry may be riding in it's never fast enough when a major disaster strikes. you need to have the resources in place in the city. >> especially when it comes to shelters. the city's director of emergency management said that san jose is updating its emergency operations plan. the flooding revealed how out of date it was. >> that includes information about shelter operations and
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possibilities and how we can better respond to the next event we face. >> reporter: new technology needs to be integrated as well like the alert notification system. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. masked men armed with guns rush into a bay area target store. this was a crime of opportunity. >> when a tip just won't do. a bay area taxi company is making an extraordinary request to stay in business. get ready for moreb&p
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tonight police in the east bay want you to take a look at this just-released surveillance video, masked men armed with gun rush into a target store and terrorize shoppers. this was a crime of opportunity. >> if you look at the time line on the video you can see they were in there less than two minutes. >> reporter: police say it was a brazen, frightening armed robbery. a little after midnight a surveillance camera captured three men as they rush into the store on 40th street. >> there were customers inside
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the store at the time. it was closing. they were the last customers of the day, of the shift. what was taken was just money. >> reporter: one suspect forces two store employees to the floor. the others are in the back and they exit the same door with cash. >> i'm glad it's on surveillance. >> reporter: customers were shocked to learn about the crime. >> i'm surprised to hear about it. >> i would think that people are just not very, very smart to have done that. they are risking massive amount of loss of their own life. >> reporter: detectives believe the suspects waited for the opportune time and made their way in when employees were closing down the cash regulators. >> it's just a brazen act that is very dangerous and pulls at the fabric of our community. >> reporter: emeryville police are talking to other departments in the bay area to see if other stores were targeted.
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a bay area startup wants to help neighbors keep an eye out for crime. flock contracts with homeowners associations to set up solar powered surveillance systems. they gla grab pictures to help police track down break in or hit and run suspects. they hope to install cameras in bay area cities like hillsborough. >> is it a license plate reader. so we are capturing that piece of evidence which can be valuable. >> some people expressed concerned about the cameras. flock says its system is not intended to track people but just crime as it happens. a struggling cab company in san francisco launched a crowd funding campaign to keep rolling. they were the first all hybrid fleet in the city and believes it's the only driver owned and operated cab company in the
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city. uber and lyft have an unfair advantage. they have a dedication to service you can't find with ride hailing companies. >> we have our regulars that we keep covered and we value them. greatly. in fact, we see others as a neighborhood cab company. >> they are looking to raise $35,000 and without the funding the company will close. our recent heat wave took a toll on one of our own. drew tooma fell and got a gash on his head. he was coming to work early to cool down in the air-conditioning. >> it got too hot and i was getting short of breath and at the next stop i'm going to get off the train and i got off the train and the next thing i know i see stars. and i blacked out.
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>> drew had to get several stitches. you can learn about the warning signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke on our website, we're thankful he is okay. >> he is the greatest guy and generous to share that story. and something else to keep in mind. he is a young guy. this is not just older folks. you got to be careful. >> we have a lot of humidity to deal with now. >> sandhya patel is here with that. >> yeah, we are glad that drew okay. and the heat waves are so intense that anyone can be impacted by it. but we are not expecting it to continue. obviously it has broken. when you look at the time lapse you'll see why. we're not expecting it to heat up any time soon. we have the fog rolling back in, the high clouds there, that's tropical moisture but we do have the humidity because of the high clouds. and that is not in a hurry to leave us any time soon. so i do want to show you the temperature trend for antioch.
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88 degrees. thursday is cooler. friday still very comfortable. just a brief spike in those temperatures as we head into sunday. it will be close to 100 degrees inland but then the numbers begin to slide. i want to show you live doppler 7 right now. we have patchy fog out there. not completely solid on the coastline as you check out what is left of what was once tropical storm lydia. this is to blame for the mugginess you have been feeling. that moisture will continue to wrap around and bring the potential to feel sticky still but it's the general trend is for the mugginess to be coming down slowly over the next several days. the dew point, many 60s here in the humid range. but 58 in santa rosa and hayward, it's muggy but not terrible like it was earlier. the forecast for tomorrow, the dew points in the low 60s first thing in the morning at 7:00
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a.m. that is humid. 60 to 69 degrees. this continues into the 11:30 hour. at lunch, be aware of this. it will feel more muggy than what you are used to. tomorrow evening temperatures will be coming down tomorrow afternoon but the dew points will remain elevated tomorrow evening. as we head to the end of the workweek, that will also improve. temperatures in the 60s and 70s out there. a mild night. as you check out a live look. a shaky camera and the wind is certainly helping to make it feel better in terms of the air. but humidity sticks around tomorrow. sprinkles or light showers thursday. here's your day planner for wednesday. mild and muggy first thing. fog and sun at noontime and filtered sunshine for afternoon and into the evening hours. tomorrow morning, make sure you don't worry about a sweater or jacket. it will be mild and humid. temperatures in the 0u6 for bay
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area and 70s and 80s for the afternoon. warm inland but not as warm as today. as you take a look at what is coming possibly down on thursday, hour by hour, the computer models want to bring in the leftovers of lydia. we may be talking about showers or sprinkles thursday morning until 8:00 a.m. for the commute and becoming isolated in nature fr the afternoon hours. we may have to bring out the storm impact scale. you can keep track of the temperatures and live doppler 7. humid tomorrow, cooling wednesday, thursday and the warming begins for the weekend. it's not going to get too hot saturday. but sunday, inland areas near 100. coast on 70s and decrease in temperatures monday and tuesday. the old taylor can't come to the phone
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♪ what you made me do what you made me do ♪ ♪ >> that is taylor swift's new hit song. it reached the number one spot on billboard's hot 100 chart. it unseated december psposito w about to break a record. >> i -- just few seconds -- i just learned about it moments ago. i'm not in taylor swift's demographic is my guess. i'm in pablo sandoval's though. he just tied a giants record 33
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years ago. not one youb&p
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good evening. if there is one park you want to visit it's got to be coors field, right? but the giants winless there this year. the giants trying to end the trend. look, we're in the front row. 1-0 rockies in the fourth. story is that is his 19th homer. 2-0 rockies in the fifth. 7-5 rocks in the eighth. giants within a run. celebrate with some cotton
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candy. 8-6 rocks. the ball hits buster posey in the fingers. no broken bones. adding insult to injury. rbi single. the rockies take a 9-6 lead. pablo sandoval 0 for his last 36. 0 for 4 with a walk tonight. the giants fall 9-6. sparky, not happy. a's and angels. 4-1 angels in the fifth. crush davis number 38. matt olson. his 15th in 41 games. if the a's can only figure out how to pitch. a liner and matt joyce does he make the catch? no. can't make the play. 8-7, angels. the a's load the bases in the
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tenth don't score. 8-7 is the final. a big one for stanford this saturday in l.a. facing usc. the cardinal opened with a 62-7 rout of rice. they have won 7 of 9 with the trojans but consider sc a major rival. >> everybody is kitexcited to p at sc. we're excited to go down there. >> we have great respect for each other as players. and this game is always something that we can look forward to playing it earlier in the year. >> just one of those games that you can't ever take your foot off the gas pedal because the other team can take advantage. i'm seeing that from both sides. both teams have to play at a high level. >> venus williams taking on petra kvitova.
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>> kvitova -- venus hit long on double set points. 6-3 kvitova in the second. venus wins it. venus at age 37 still going strong. to the semifinals. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. and unites unofficially worst record in baseball again. they descended back to that. >> thanks. abc 7 news continues online and on your mobile devices with


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